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SLW 19: VSCode with Justin Grote

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When Microsoft acquired GitHub.com in 2018, no one could doubt that there is a deep cultural change going on in Redmond, Washington. A few years earlier, in 2015, Microsoft began to invest in a  new text editor that can simply be described like this:
“One editor to rule them all”

VSCode and GitHub quickly started their journey as a congenial couple, conquering the hearts of the users – many of whom were not previously Microsoft devotees.

Justin Grote is one of those very gifted IT pros who have embraced Microsoft’s new course with open arms. A man of many talents – and his greatest may be that he willingly shares his knowledge with the community. I met Justin during the PSConfEU 2022 in Vienna and of course we did not only talk about VSCode .. Listen yourself!

The interview was recorded on June 23, 2022 in Vienna.

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Show notes


00:00:00.000 Intro/Whoami,
00:03:07.680 Exposed to computing
00:10:03.317 From Mac to Windows
00:16:01.100 Becoming
00:21:38.267 The glue
00:35:57.579 A cultural shift,
00:53:11.385 VSCode
01:01:53.372 Tips and tricks for VSCode
01:27:48.516 From files to workspace
01:36:13.347 Console
01:43:14.374 Epilog


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