SLW08: Proactive Security on Windows 10 with Sami Laiho

Sami Laiho, the diving MCT

Every day more than 300.000 vulnerabilites are found in our modern operating systems. From iOS/MacOS, Android/Linux to Windows – reactive security approaches will obviously not save us from future attacks. I invited Sami Laiho in another ENGLISH episode of the Sliding Windows to explain how to turn the tables on this issue.

We focus on Window 10, starting from the choice of the proper edition, the importance of Bitlocker, Applocker (and Software Restriction Policies), Group Policies and the prerequisite of using limited user accounts, ending at project Barcelona (aka “Windows Defender Application Guard”) and the future architecture of enterprise grade OS.

This interview was recorded during the MCT Summit 2017 in Thessaloniki on June 11, 2017.

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Show notes:


  1. Intro 0:00.000
  2. Introducing Sami Laiho 1:28.840
  3. Windows vs. Linux 3:59.420
  4. Basic security for the mere mortals 7:22.167
  5. *locker and Enterprise Edition 11:31.756
  6. LTSB 25:00.101
  7. The attack surface 34:22.086
  8. Limited user accounts 41:19.642
  9. Remoting 49:26.623
  10. App compat 52:54.990
  11. Project Barcelona and beyond 59:30.876
  12. Wrrap up: Windows on steriods 1:06:16.338
  13. Resources 1:10:41.894
  14. Outtro & bonus content 1:13:57.136