SLW10: Automation with Jeffrey Snover

Jeffrey Snover

One quote to rule them all: “The renaissance of the command line

Jeffrey Snover is not only the “father” of PowerShell, he became the iconic advocat of Microsoft’s data center focussed transformation. He is the poster child of many Microsoft focussed IT pros and enthusiasts, celebrating the improvements in command line administration as an accelerator of their own businnesses and carreers. In brief, I’d personally name him “Redmonds Godfather of Automation”.

We talk about his almost 20 years journey to establish the fundamentals of a modern datacenter and automation toolchain from his early days in Redmond, the lessons learned from wmic.exe and his vision of an OS agnostic automation framework around PowerShell (Core).

This interview was recorded during the PowerShell Conference Europe 2018 in Hannover on April 19, 2018.

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Show notes:


  1. Intro Airtone ft. Bruce Payette 0:00.000
  2. Welcome Jeffrey to Hannover 1:35.393
  3. A social shell 3:30.168
  4. The origin of PowerShell 6:44.219
  5. PowerShell 1.0 13:47.596
  6. From Monad to PowerShell 23:00.228
  7. The perfect tribe 27:51.156
  8. Lessons learnd from CLI 33:55.529
  9. Objects and APIs 41:09.367
  10. PowerShell Core 44:23.391
  11. DSC, Idempotency 52:37.439B
  12. Beyond PowerShell 1:03:51.250
  13. Glitches 1:09:34.624
  14. Hit refresh 1:14:55.759
  15. The Renaissance 1:22:58.820
  16. Epilogue 1:29:47.643
  17. about_Leibniz 1:31:07.631


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