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SLW12: PowerShell 7 with Steve Lee

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Steve Lee, Principal Software Engineer Manager for the PowerShell Team, started his career as developer on the “Internet Explorer for UNIX” team in Redmond. Later on he focussed on (remoting) technologies such as WMI/CIM, WinRM/OMI and SSH until he finally took the role of a leading manager on the PowerShell team. 

Steve provides deep insights on the cultural change at Microsoft and the impact on the ecosystem PowerShell. Finally we stare into the chrystall ball to find out what’s beyond the current state of the implementation.

The interview was recorded on June 7, 2019 in Hannover.

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Show notes


  1. 00:00:00.000 Intro (Bluemillenium: Temperate transition)
  2. 00:00:43.779 about_Steve
  3. 00:05:30.150 From WMI to CIM
  4. 00:13:49.779 CIM
  5. 00:24:02.275 OMI
  6. 00:30:14.015 From OMI to SSH
  7. 00:35:17.420 The Linux Challenge
  8. 00:43:31.397 Open sourcing
  9. 00:53:53.680 From Windows PowerShell to PowerShell 7
  10. 01:06:05.394 RSAT++
  11. 01:16:40.895 The boss enemy
  12. 01:20:55.092 Forecast
  13. 01:30:16.976 One more thing